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CSS Templates

CSS Templates allows you to structure your document according to HTML standards without compromising the look-and-feel of the page. CSS designers now can create attractive pages with much grace and style, while adhering to principal code validation.


Responsive Web Templates

Responsive Web Design are sites which are coded to deliver the correct size screen view no matter the device. Use to provide great looking and readable sites on iPad, iPhone, Androids devices as well as laptops and desktops.


JavaScript/ jQuery Templates

JavaScript / jQuery Website Templates - These web templates utilize the very popular jQuery JavaScript library. jQuery provides for event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions. Templates containing JavaScript-based elements that add dynamics of Flash-like animation still leaving the templates very light-weight.


Bootstrap JavaScript Templates

Bootstrap is a set of JS Functions and CSS rules for creating web sites. That's it, nothing more. If you have worked with web pages before you know that we all have some CSS to define the look of our sites. Bootstrap is a well thought out set of rules (using JavaScript, the jQuery library for fancy effects and responsive qualities) organized and standardized to make anyone's life a bit easier when creating sites.

Bootstrap contains coding for device responsive sizing. Sites will display a specific layout rule-set for Laptop, Desktop, Tablet and smartphones. This will help ensure your sites are "usable" especially on smaller size devices.


HTML5 Templates

The most up-to-date web standard for HTML. Many new features are available with the additional markup tags. More structured and easier to use templates.